Membership -  IRSV Membership Application

The IRSV is pleased to offer prospective members the ability to process membership applications online.  We are pleased to accept new memberships from individuals working in Victoria across the spectrum of industrial relations: academia, government, management, professions, trade unions. 

Membership Fees (includes GST):

  • $120.00 Full Member
  • $35.00 Student Member
  • $40.00 Retired Member

New members (including historical members who have lapsed for over 12 months) pay a $30.25 joining fee  

Memberships are renewed annually in October, with the membership year running from October to September.

Where a person joins the Society part of the way through a membership year as a new member, the subscription payable is a pro rata amount based on the joining date:

  • January – March: 25% discount
  • April – June: 50% discount
  • July – September: 75% reduction

If you have retired from your career in industrial relations, please contact the IRSV to convert your full membership to a retired membership.