Past Events

Past events

2020 Annual General Meeting


2020 Keith Hancock Lecture - 'Responding to the Pandemic and Measuring What Matters' presented by the Hon. Justice Ross


Patron's Night Oration - Future of Unions


Zoom the Commission with Deputy President Val Gostencnik


The interest-based approach to negotiation: defining the agenda, moving past impasse and building relationships


Building a New Social Contract: Lessons from the COVID Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and Renewed Worker Activism


Tenth Annual Ron McCallum Debate


Fair Work Commission and Macquarie University present the Cooperative Workplaces Symposium


Sydney Employment Relations Research Group presents Trade Unions and Labour Movements in the Asia-Pacific Region


Investigation Skills with Julie Zhou


The IRSV invites you to attend our second ‘Lunch and Learn’ Professional Development Webinar session, this time focusing on Tips for Effective Workplace Investigations.

IRSNSW Mini IR Conference


Effective Advocacy in the Fair Work Commission


The IRSV invites you to attend our first of three ‘Lunch and Learn’ Professional Development Webinar sessions focusing on Effective Advocacy in the Fair Work Commission, with our first guest presenter, Jack Tracey of the Victorian Bar.

Women in Industrial Relations Wine and Webinar


Annual Review of Industrial Relations


The Sydney Employment Relations Research Group (SERRG), the Journal of Industrial Relations (JIR) and the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association (ALERA) are pleased to host this Webinar to formally launch the Journal of Industrial Relations’ Annual Review of Australian Industrial Relations.

Lunchtime seminar in partnership with Monash University and RMIT


Lunchtime seminar in partnership with Monash University


Patron's Night Dinner & Notice of Annual General Meeting


We are pleased to invite you to the IRSV's annual Patron's Night Dinner. The Patron's Night Dinner immediately follows the IRSV AGM and is a wonderful opportunity to relax amongst friends and colleagues about 'the year that was' over a meal and drinks.

Annual Joe Isaac Symposium


With a rapidly changing workforce being reshaped by developments such as the gig economy, new forms of collective worker representation are emerging. Apart from unions and formal collective bargaining structures, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have become a significant force in US industrial relations. These NGOs include worker rights groups, worker and immigrant rights centres, other organisations and affinity groups in non-union employers. What is the influence and staying power of such alternative forms of collective representation? And are there lessons for Australian governments, regulators, employers and unions? Renowned US expert and Cornell University Professor Harry C Katz will explore such questions in his keynote address at the next Joe Isaac Symposium.