Privacy Policy

The Industrial Relations Society of Victoria's Privacy Policy


IRSV is bound by the federal Privacy Act 1988, which protects personal information about individuals.
IRSV does collect and hold the names, titles and contact details of its members both in physical and electronic format.
IRSV protects this information in the following way:
• In general, we will obtain this information directly from you. For example, we will collect your details when you first apply for membership of the Society or when you renew your membership. Some details may also be collected when you register to attend a Society function. Additionally, your IP address may also be collected when you visit our website.
• We will use your contact details only for the purpose of normal business dealings related to services provided by the Society. This may include adding you to one of our mailing lists whether for hard copy or electronic mail. However, each electronic mail-out will include a clearly indicated method of "opting out" and the decision of any individual not to receive further materials will be respected.
• Under no circumstances will we sell your contact details to any other party.
• We will take all reasonable steps to protect your contact details from unauthorised access, modification or misuse, both from within and outside the Society.